South Maui has every kind of wedding location you may desire! Have your dream wedding on a romantic white sandy beach or a velvet green lawn, overlooking the ocean. Listed below are the best locations for Maui weddings - South Maui - (Kihei, Wailea, Makena). South Maui has the least amount of rain, is less windy and has more beach choices than any other island location.

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Morning Ceremonies... black lava rock formations... warm sandy beach... lush green palms

Sunset Ceremonies... streaming yellow rays of sun... clouds with golden linings!

Charley Young Beach is a very large, long beach that is very convenient for those who are staying in the Kihei area. This beach is north of many of the Makena & Wailea beaches. It has a very spacious parking lot and is just about 10 minutes from most of the central Kihei condos and vacation rentals. There are 3 locations for ceremonies, the lava rock formations on the beach (best a low tide), the sandy beach itself, and the Grassy Knoll Overlook (see below). When you have your ceremony on the Grassy Knoll Overlook, we still have the option to do more after-ceremony pictures on the beach, if you so desire.

This small cove is the most popular wedding spot on Maui! We suggest morning weddings here, as the morning sun turns the ocean a beautiful aqua color! Noon time tends to be very hot, direct sun, not recommended. Beach Capacity is about 10 people. If you want to have a sunset wedding here, you must arrive very early in order to secure a spot, as it is Maui's most favorite sunset wedding location. Once inside the cove, you will understand right away everyone loves it so much. The sand is soft and golden, the lava rock a stark contrast! It is a small beach, and you may have other wedding couples on the beach getting married at the same time. This is a very special place, and having others on the beach is just an additional unique feature of what will promise to be a romantic and blissful wedding! The first picture shown is the entrance to the cove, a rock wall lines the street with a very narrow opening to the cove!

Every angle here is gorgeous! No matter which way you look, there is beautiful scenery, golden sand, crystal blue water, puffy white clouds, neighboring islands, and romance! We highly recommend that if you want to have your Maui wedding ceremony here at Makena Cove, that you schedule it for morning. It is less busy at that time. If you do prefer a sunset wedding, we can all arrive early in order to assure that we get a great spot and what everyone agrees... a small piece of heaven on earth!

Spacious, Sunny & Warm Sandy Beach in Wailea. Keawakapu Beach is a long and wide sandy beach. No matter which way to turn, you gaze at majestic views of islands, palms and warm aqua blue waters! Picture on the left is looking south, picture on the right is looking north. All beach visitors are very polite and accommodating when wedding ceremonies take place on a public beach. In fact, in most cases, they love to watch and usually applaud at the end of the ceremony! Notice the many areas of lush tropical greenery and privacy where you can have your ceremony. Maui's skies are almost always blue... with puffy white clouds rolling by. What is special about the Makena, Wailea area is that it is so dry most of the time, and very seldom rains.

This is the sign, leading to the parking lot of Keawakapu Beach. This beach can also be accessed from the northern part of the beach, at Five Palms restaurant, with ample parking there as well. Five Palms is a great place to have and after ceremony celebration lunch or dinner, too.

South Maluaka Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Maui! The views are breath taking, no matter which way you point your camera! There is plenty of room to be able to have a romantic ceremony here, and not feel to crowded by others on the beach! There is ample parking, rest rooms, and this beach will accommodate a larger group of wedding guests.

A special note about South Maluaka Beach Park's upper grassy areas:  Recently, the grassy areas above the beach, have been made off limits by the new owner of the resort.  Beach weddings are okay on the beach itself, and we have very beautiful vistas and views in all directions.  However, some of our favorite spots used in the past, in the grassy areas above the beach, are now unavailable for weddings.  Beaches, by state law, are state lands and weddings are permitted, no problem!