What Are The Steps To Book A Maui Ceremony?

Browse Our Site
Our pages contain all the information you need to create a wonderful Maui wedding or vow renewal. Most of your questions will be answered if you have a few moments to browse our pages. Check out our packages, list of services, beach locations... our front page has many links to all of the great services that we offer, including links to hundreds of pictures.

Decide Which Ceremony Package You Want
After browsing our pages, please see our Packages Page. We have a great comparison chart, which allows you to compare and view all of our packages and services on one easy chart. Decide which package is best for you.

Request Quote and Availability
Visit our Request Quote & Availability Page. It only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation. We will reply within 24 to 48 hours with a quote, availability, and answer any questions that you have asked.

Submit Your Payment To Reserve Date/Time/Prices
After receiving our quote and availability, your next step is to reserve your date and time and lock in your prices with a deposit, which we will have quoted to you. You may use our Secure Online Transaction Form to make payment by credit card. You may also call JJ if you would like to discuss further details and provide your credit card information over the phone. Office (808) 891-8765 --- Cell (808) 268-0796.

Receive Email Confirmation, Receipt, Additional Info via Email
After receiving your confirmation deposit, we will process your credit card and create your account. We will email you a confirmation including confirmed date & time, your package information, balance owing (if any), information about license agent appointment, JJ's Best of Maui and maps & directions to all of our best beach locations here in South Maui.

We Begin Planning Your Special Day,
We then begin planning your day, reserving any additional vendors, ordering any additional items needed. We create your account and begin putting together and creating your personalized items, such as sand ceremony, keepsake certificate, ceremony on parchment paper, etc. You can pretty much relax at this point, we put everything together for you.

Make Your Marriage License Appointment - Before Coming To Maui
After receiving our confirmation email with license agent information, it is time to make your license appointment to be right after you arrive on Maui,(first day or so). You must have your license before your ceremony. (No license - no ceremony - state law). Just before coming to Maui, you then go online and complete your marriage license application. Your marriage license agent will access that application during your appointment with her, complete the information, then print a marriage license worksheet which you bring with you to your ceremony. You will be able to print one or more copies of your completed marriage license from the website, within two business days of your ceremony!

Email or Call Us When You Have Questions, Want To Add, etc
Feel free, at any time, to email and ask more questions and/or add additional items & services. If, at any time, you wish to speak with JJ by phone, feel free to call her on her cell, (808) 268-0796.

Arrive On Maui, Check In With Us
Please call us after arriving on Maui, to let us know you are here. This is a great time for us to answer any additional questions for you, add any last minute items to your package, etc. We will also need to know your working cell numbers, or if none, at least your contact number at where you are staying, and the make, model and color of your rental car. (so that we can easily identify you when we meet you for your ceremony). JJ's cell: (808) 268-0796

Go To Your License Appointment
The license appointment only takes about 10 minutes or so, and all you need is photo I.D. and the completed application. The map to the agent's location is on her website, which we reference in our email to you after confirming. Her location is also on our map of South Maui Beaches. You will want to print and bring with you, one or more of these maps, as referenced in our confirmation email.

Check Out Your Beach Before Ceremony
So that you will be very relaxed on your special day, it is best to visit your beach before your actual day of your ceremony. That allows you to view the surroundings, and thus you will not have any surprises on the day of your ceremony. If you cannot visit your beach before the ceremony, then please give yourself an extra half hour of travel time, so that you are sure to find your beach. Remember, for sunset ceremonies, the sun will not wait if anyone is late. When anyone is late for the ceremony, we lose light and valuable photo time for after the ceremony. For morning ceremonies, it is not as critical.

Arrive 15 Minutes or More Before Your Ceremony Start Time
Please arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes before your start time. Remember your license and your rings and any other important items that you want to bring. You are welcome to bring special items, some couples bring pictures of those important family members who cannot attend, and have JJ take a picture with them. Best to make a check list before your wedding day, of all those items you want to remember to bring.

Enjoy Your Romantic Ceremony!
After all the planning, it is now time to take a breath and relax and enjoy the day as it unwinds. We will lead you through the ceremony, we like to be relaxed, flexible and want everyone in your wedding party to have fun and enjoy! The ceremony is usually about 20 minutes or so, with the remaining time of your package used for after-ceremony pictures, including family and friends if you like, and then romantic pictures of just the two of you! After the ceremony, we will sign your marriage license, and then Rev Michael will keep it, complete his portion and sign it, then send it on to the state.

After The Ceremony
After the ceremony, we will provide you with a plastic 9x12 envelope that contains your signed personalized keepsake certificate, your ceremony on parchment and additional information about how to obtain your Photo CD. We can have your Photo CD available for pick up within 48 hours... we can mail that disc to you if you are too busy while on Maui or are leaving before the 48 hours... or we can place your images on a download site, from which you can download your images onto your computer, from which you can burn photo discs... We also photo host your entire gallery on a photo hosting website, so that all your friends and family can see your beautiful ceremony!

Enjoy Your Honeymoon!!!!
Now you can relax and enjoy all the wonders and romantic splendor of Maui! There is so much to do and see here. Make sure to take some time to relax, savor the moment and just enjoy! And most importantly, you have a great reason to come back to Maui at least once a year... to celebrate your anniversary!

We Look Forward To Sharing Your Day!